Dead Poets Society Session: February 7th, 2014


The first Dead Poets Society meeting started off with Bradley, Jake, and Sascha attempting to fix some technical difficulties.

Once they were settled Bradley read the session’s first poem, “Never Seek to Tell thy Love” by William Blake. A very direct poem about losing a loved one. It holds no punches and gets close in personal with the darker realities of life.

It seemed like the theme reflecting the harshness of life had been set for the night, unexpectedly. Sascha read the poem, “A Message From Paris” by Allen Ginsberg.

Shortly after, more technical difficulties ensued, Bradley, unfortunately unable to return to the session. However, we picked up another old DPS Captain: Ryan (who would later give us a great ending to the session.)

Jake took it upon himself to read an untitled poem, even more mysteriously it had no known author either! It followed in the dark footsteps of the previous bleak themes. Sascha, Ryan, and Jake discussed this concise looking poem, drawing a lot of speculation on what the creator was trying to say.

Our youngest member, Avey, graced us with the knowledge that it was in fact, her poem. Jake knew all a long, that bastard!

No pitchforks or torches were donned, and praise for the young deserving poet were announced. The subject turned to e.e Cummings’ genius of formatting. Ryan, reading off the famous poet’s composition, “I Have Found What You Are Like”.

Following Ryan, Jake rehearsed a poem by one of his favorite poets, Pablo Neruda and his, “March days return with their covert light”. A poem describing a tiny island that Neruda lived on in exile. This lightening the mood just a bit.

Sascha read off an original composition titled, “Sister“. This poem was the last of its kind before Sascha stopped writing poetry and turned more to prose. The emotion and literary preciseness pierced through the session, leaving no speechlessness, but respect vocalized. Perhaps this will be the dawn of more poetry from Sascha? Stay updated in hopes so!

During the reading, Avey had finished a poem she was working on. Ryan had the honor of reading her poem. It was a “simple” poem about how time goes by and the wasting of lifes away.

To end the session, Ryan had a special treat for us, he is in a band and wrote a song about the biblical tale of the City of Sin in the perspective of Lot contemplating on his wife looking back and turned to salt. The song name is equivalently titled, “Salt“. While the recital was not without some flubs, it got a standing ovation by Jake and Avey.

It was an awesome session that was amazingly fun. Please join us next time!

You can find a live recording of the Dead Poets Society here.

You can find musical compositions of Ryan and his band here.


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